Q. Why did you pick Death as the name of the coin?

A. 3 reasons.

  • 1. Its a word that we kept hearing on the news in relation to covid. "Lots of death. Gonna be death everywhere".
  • 2. My roommate found it ironic, and started saying it (death!) anytime a death was expected in a show/movie (To the point it got slightly annoying) 😉.
  • 3. We decided to develop on a network called Fantom with a swap called Spooky the theme was obvious. When asked by roommate what to name the token the answer was "Call it death, you say it enough".

Q. How many people are working on the Death Team?

A. Currently there are 4 people on the core team, but many members of the community also contribute.

Q. Is the initial Death liquidity able to be altered in any way?

A. No we nuked the contract.

Q. What are the tokenomics of Death?

A. The Death Tokenomics are the following - Every Death Transaction the following two functions happen. (This is every Death transaction including Buying, Selling and also moving Death between wallets will activate the transaction tax) Transaction Tax - 3% goes to the initial liquidity pool on spookyswap. The initial liquidity tokens were burned when Death launched. 2% is automatically sent out to every Death holder based on wallet weight. (This means the more Death you hold the larger amount of rewards you receive.)

Q. When was Death launched?

A. (Jun-19-2021 06:42:24 PM +UTC)

Q. What is this new monthly payment to developers that was mentioned?

A. When we hit our 1 year anniversary we decided a new approach would work better going forward for everyone involved. When we created DEATH we made a pledge to not sell our tokens, and did just that as we went to our ATH. The team wallets had a value of over 1.5 mil during this time. When the "crash happened it was almost like a "reset" and a chance to change the model. We decided to combine all team tokens into one wallet, and pay the team members in DEATH every month to incentivize the work on the project. Right now the payments are 420 mil DEATH every month. That around 20 bucks USD, but we know what it "could" be worth as we have seen it before. This also results in a scheduled burn and tax payment to holders so its a win/win for the community and us as a team. The other half of the wallet is currently unallocated in case we need tokens for marketing/projects.

Q. What is Death Bowl?

A. Death Bowl is a (co-op and pvp) wave based zombie game that will support DEATH token in several ways.

Q. What is Death TCG, and how can I get it?

A. The Death Trading card game is a game on Steam that works with solo play as well as multiplayer. The game was inspired by YuGiOh, Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone. I have been a massive fan of trading card games for a long time. I felt it would be interesting to build a version that would be capable of benefiting the Death community with exposure on the Steam Platform. The current build that is on steam is the base version 1 build. The build was designed over 6 months to accomplish a lot in new mechanics and gameplay. The reality is the Version 1 of the game had a lot of extra files in it that cause an intense lack of optimization. I am currently reworking the game with a new build which will be Version 2. In version 2 I have optimized the game to be lighter on the download size as well as a faster set of load times. Version 2 is also optimized for the ability to be able to be released to mobile platforms. The first platform it will be mobile will be available on google play soon. I also am doing a complete overhaul on the look of the cards. New graphical art will replace the old layout to allow the cards to have more originality in how they look. I have also printed the first Physical cards for the Death TCG. Physical cards will become available to purchase for the public soon.

Q. Does DEATH have any LP farms?

A. Yes. We have a Spirit-Death farm on Spirit Swap. but it is currently listed as "Inactive". The reason for this is early on we entered into a farm deal with them around the time Spirit was at an all time high. Due to the excitement of having our first farm we did not think it through enough. In order for rewards to be active the farm has to have 100k total lp at minimum, and we were able to achieve that and earn rewards.... for 3 days. Spirit returned to its baseline value shortly after and we were unable to keep the total over 100k as it (and everything else) went back to earth. The farm still exists, and would yield rewards if we crossed the requirement again. This is how it can be found on Spirit Swap.

Q. Does the team need any help?

A. Yes. Community, social and marketing help/advice. We have a great team, but this is not our strength, and quite frankly our time is better spent working on the projects. We have had some discussions on how to better communicate needs, and we will set up a #HelpWanted channel in the coming weeks on our Discord Server.